Becoming a member was your ticket to happiness.

Find out how to use it here!

Happy Science is many things to many people

For some, Happy Science is a religious service to attend on Sundays. For others it is a spiritual school to attend for private study sessions, meditations, or book clubs. Yet others use Happy Science personally, as a source of Truth. The choice is in your hands.

First, get your copy of "The True Words Spoken by Buddha" and recite it everyday. 

Next, please attend in-person or online for our Sunday Services, book clubs, or meditations.

After that, please try deepening your joy through the habitual study of Master Okawa's books.

Experience and spread the true bliss and happiness of living the Happy Science lifestyle.

Basic flow for new members



Becoming a devotee member is like being reborn. At that time, you pledge devotion to the Three Treasures: Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha. Master Ryuho Okawa is the living Buddha and modern Savior. His teachings are the Dharma (Holy Truth) and Happy Science is the Sangha (fellowship of believers). You will be asked if you pledge devotion to them on the day of your ceremony.



Becoming a devotee member implies certain responsibilities. The angels and guiding spirits of the Happy Science spirit group will come to you when you pray and try to assist you. However, they expect that you will make effort to improve yourself, assist and guide others, and help make this world a better place. You should become a devotee if you are ready to fulfil this commitment. 



Becoming a devotee member is like entering the path to enlightenment. Therefore, it is recommended that you strive everyday to live with the Right Mind and continue to study the endless teachings of Master Okawa. By doing so, your work abilities as well as your enlightenment will gradually grow over time. As it does, you must remain humble or you risk falling off the path of the Middle Way. 

Should I become a Devotee?